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Single Seater Razor Scooter

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About Our Scooter Rentals

Outlaw Rentals has the best scooter rentals in 30A and Santa Rosa Beach! We offer the widest variety of rentals available for fun-filled days in the sun.

Outlaw Rentals offers many different models of scooters. Our most popular scooters available for rent are the Razor and Blaze.

The Razor scooter resembles a ninja motorcycle but there is no motorcycle license required to rent this scooter. It is the only automatic scooter of its kind in Santa Rosa. The Blaze scooter has a sleek look as well as storage space under the seat. Most of our scooters get up to 90 miles per gallon!

Contact us today to reserve your scooter in 30A with Outlaw Rentals!

Passengers: 1
Durations: Hourly, Daily, Weekly
Transmission: Manual

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